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Become a community newsmaker.


Community Newsmaker is a free tool for citizens:

1. Report local issues and stories important to your community

2. Increase transparency and accountability in local government

3. Promote civic engagement


Community activities and local decisions have big impacts on our lives.

Numerous studies show that reduced local media coverage means citizens have become less informed, voters are less engaged, and government is less efficient, transparent, and responsive.


Community Newsmaker helps citizens publish news important to them in 1,300+ community news sites across America.

Community newspapers helped build America by giving citizens a voice, celebrating local heroes, and holding government accountable. Together, we can:

  • Rebuild community-based news as the backbone of a strong democracy.

  • Make facts and data the center of every story.

  • Give citizens a voice on equal footing with government, corporations, and other powerful interests.

The Community Newsmaker Program starts with you.

Here’s how it works:

1. You are the source.

Know of a story that needs telling?

Is there a cause or event that needs to be reported? Are there local citizens who deserve recognition?

Promote your community's news and issues with Community Newsmaker.

2. Pitch your story.

Use the Community Newsmaker Pitch Form to tell your story.

Just click "Make News" on this page.

What's the backgound?

Tell us who to interview and what questions you want reporters to ask.

3. Get reported.

Your story will be assigned to a reporter and a story will be published on your community’s online news site.

We will inform you when the story is published and provide you with a link that you can share with others.

Who writes the stories?

Hundreds of free-lance reporters around the country who adhere to strict journalism standards—no political bias, and a commitment to facts over opinion.

Who's behind Community Newsmaker?

Community Newsmaker is provided by the Community News Foundation to help restore local news in communities across America.

Be a news maker.